The Barrier™.

#1 Underground Insulation Material Formulated for Performance

The Barrier™ is the fastest growing Green Building product on the market as it is the ALL-IN-ONE underconcrete EPS insulation product to use.

The Barrier™ is the World's finest concrete and radiant under slab insulation by providing vapor and moisture barrier protection in combination with insulation from conduction. It works better, is cost effective, easy to use. It is a vapor/moisture/insulator and radon protector. The Barrier is a rolled foam board insulation of extruded expanded flexible recycled polystyrene foam (EPS). The Barrier Three Step Procedure

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Solex ™

New Product in the Reflective Insulation Series

Reflective Foil - Solex
Solex new reflective radiant barrier insulation engineered as an economical alternative to reflective bubble with with the high quality facings that provides a cleaner finishes. Solex products combine both a reflective radiant barrier and an integrated vapor retarder, making them the perfect choice for post frame applications. The core of the product is made of a solid layer of a flexible proprietary foram designed especially for Solex that provides excellent insulation characteristics in a moisture proof design. Solex Lt comes in 1/8" thickness while Solex is 1/4 thick to provide additional insulation/strength.

Radiant barriers save energy, keeping the heat out in the summer and the warmer inside temps inside in the winter.

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Insulated Pallet Blankets.

Reflective Pallet Insulation

Protect your food supply, either on site or when it's nessecary to bug out

Reflective Pallet Blankets provide reliable and predictable shipping of temperature sensitive products. Ambient temperature is maintained during shipment.

Your products stay at the temperature you want -- letting you ship them farther or store them longer with extended shelf life and optimum product freshness. Environmentally sound as it can be used over and over again, with no mess or disposable insulation to throw away.

Our insulated pallet blanket is made with 1/4" Microfoam and lined with reinforced aluminum foil. This low-density, flexible polypropylene foam is light weight and easy to use. Maintains ambient product temperatures within -/+1 degree change per hour.

The reflectivity of this product radiates heat outward or retains heat inward.

Pallet Blankets

Uses include perishables such as, liquids, food, candies, flowers, medical supplies.You'll find our Insulated Pallet Blankets ideal for shipping anything that needs protection from the heat or from the cold This reduces product spoilage because products arrive fresh.

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